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Sep 20, 2017

Backpack, Bible & good walking shoes.


Edited: Sep 20, 2017

Just a thought. Being much of the trip we will be away from the hotels and going from site to site, you may want to have a backpack of some kind. Something to have your snack bars, water bottle, a bible and other daily necessities in including your passport(you'll want to keep that on you). There are several out there, and it is easier than carrying a bag around with you. Being close to your body, it makes it easier when hiking up or down certain terrain.

Which brings me to an important part...Shoes! Wear the most sturdy and comfortable shoes you can. Remember you are going to do quite a bit of walking so we don't want those dogs getting tired...we want you all to keep up with the tour guide. Make sure you have a good pair with you, 'cause when yo' feet are barkin', ain't nothin' gonna make you happy!

Your Bible, if you have one, is a great thing to bring. Hey, we are in the Bible's Epicenter. There will be times you may want to read it at the hotel gazing over the Sea of Galilee, or overlooking the ancient city of David or the Heart of Jerusalem. It is a huge privilege to be able to go to one of the most historical countries of the world and read some of the history right from the pages of holy writ.

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    Sep 20, 2017

    Hi All, Our Tour is going to be amazing, and with so many special customized and unique additions we did everything to keep the costs as low as possible. 99% of everything is included except lunches. Partly because we felt that if we could save you the money of restaurant meals, you could more appropriately use the funds for your needs. With the breakfasts, you may find that you are still full and just want a small snack to carry you over till dinner. They wanted to charge us $25pp per meal. So if you add that up its about $200 pp for the week. I bet you could supply yourself with adequate lunches better. Perhaps bring some snack/protein bars to through in a bag. There will always be the opportunity to grab food at local shops, quick service type of locations as we meander through the areas we'll be visiting. If you plan to bring that much for yourselves, you'll probably spend much less, and have plenty left over for some cool souvenirs!
  • Admin
    Sep 20, 2017

    Hey Folks, for the trip, there are going to be a few WATER necessities...Water Bottles, Water Shoes and a Bathing suit. 1. Refillable WATER BOTTLES...And here's why...Aside from the fact that we are going to do a lot, Israel is essentially an oasis in a Dessert region. Even though we are going when it is the cooler part of the region, there may be days when temps hit record highs, so you'll want to have some kind of refillable water bottle that you can set up in the morning for the days activities. 2. WATER SHOES. Make sure that in addition to whatever good walking/hiking shoes you have on hand, you also bring a good pair of water shoes. NO NOT FLIP FLOPS. I mean good walking water shoes. There are 3 locations you will definitely want them for. 1. Hezekiah's tunnel in Jerusalem. It's the ancient water tunnel, and it is a walk through history and WATER. We will also want them for when we go into the dead sea as the salt can be very uncomfortable even sharp and painful without shoes on...lastly you will probably want them if you decide to go under the waters at the Jordan River. 3. BATHING SUITS. You may want more than 1 depending. There will be opportunity to go swimming if the weather is beautiful in the Sea of Galilee itself at our hotel. Additionally, we will be going to the Dead Sea, and the Jordan River...so you may want to wear them there under your clothes and bring a change of dry clothes with you for the rest of the day. I would say bring a towel along with you as well from home... We Figured it would be a good thing to know.