Joanna Fruhauf

Encourage Equip, Engage


I am often asked for my bio, that list of credentials that will establish my credibility for your audience.  It's a long list and reads more like a resume than an introduction for any audience.  I would hate to bore them before we even get going, but I fully understand you want to give people a reason to sit up and listen.

Let me tell you briefly,  I became a believer in Jesus Christ, enjoying a personal relationship with Him in 1974 at the tender age of 11 - I saw a lot of things going on around me, and was well aware, even at that young age how much I needed Jesus to help and save me.  Certainly, it was the faith of a child, and as I grew with more pressures and pitfalls surrounding me, I pressed into that relationship. 

 There were some serious blunders on my end along the way.   Various times of running away from God, and family with many dark activities captivating me, times of troubles, and many identity struggles.  

Eventually, I was struck with the desperation of my life and there was only one place to turn to and fully surrender.  I've never looked back, and never been more fulfilled!  Jesus truly satisfies the soul and gives abundant life to those who seek Him.

From that time forward, I have dedicated my life to serving the Lord in many forms.  I've been a Biblical teacher for 30 years and I was a worship leader for 18 years. I have been leading the Christian Band, Gracious Vine,  for 10 years, I have been an Event speaker for more than 20 years, I've written several books, I am a Recording Artist with 2 CDs, started a few ministries and in years past I have been on the staff of local, national and international non-profit organizations.  All of this while daily tending to my wonderful husband and raising 3 amazing children.  It's been a tremendous journey with countless rewards and challenges.  

So this is the fast track version, but certainly, if you still want more information than this, you know, all those fine details, where, when, what and how...then let me know...and I can get that laundry list to you.