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Fun, Energizing and Fast Moving. A Game of Strategy & Luck of the Draw

Duck, Duck, CRUISE! is a fun and fast-moving game where the luck of the draw can outmaneuver your strategy in the game or vice versa.

There are 4 types of cards: Colored Category Cards, Onboard Credit Cards, Spoiler Cards, and Captain Cards, each with different purposes.

Players: 2-6 People, Ages 12+, Game Time: 15-20 min.

To start: Deal 4 cards per player. Play clockwise.

Your Turn: pick 2, play 2. - Play any combination of cards, Category Card, Onboard Credit Card, or Spoiler Card. Category cards are placed on the table before you as you collect your 4 different pairs(sets) to win.  Playing an On Board Credit is to gain from fellow cruisers; a Spoiler card is against a fellow cruiser to ruin their chances of winning.

Captain Cards are special cards that overturn a Spoiler card.

If the draw pile runs out without a winner, shuffle and reuse.

To Win: Collect 4 different colored pairs of category cards.

Watch out for Spoiler Cards. Don't worry; Captain Cards stop and reverse their action.  If a Captain card is used, you do not replace or refill your hand unless you draw the single MUSTER Card, an Onboard Credit Card. Use other Onboard Credits to increase your chance of winning through special benefits (Captain cards cannot stop them).

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