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You will journey through the hills and valleys of the Biblical narrative, meeting with each of the characters and their stories in a way that only the Holy Spirit can make them alive. We will cover the most extensive time span of the Biblical text, a minimum of 2500 years, from the Creation of the world to the death of the patriarch Joseph. This is an excellent Bible Study for the individual, group, and student, whether high school or academic. Biblical foundations are laid and clarified.

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Discover the wonders and deeper truths of the Tabernacle. the Furniture the ways it displays Christ's work of redemption and our ever increasing walk of faith.

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8 women of sordid pasts, redeemed and redefined by God not their garbage. Bible study workbook for individual or group.

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A Bible Study Workbook looking at Brokenness through God's eyes. For Individual or group.

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26 Full color, full spread, & easy to read timelines from Creation to Christ - Master the Bible as you learn and grow.

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More than a journal, this guided self-study is a wonderful way to dig deeper into each scripture given. With a few interesting facts that tie into everyday life, you'll engage the spirit as you dig into cross references and write out the Holy Spirit's promptings.

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We all know the opposites of the fruit of the Spirit, but as we look closer at the actual fruit we will more keenly recognize the counterfeits.  This is a great self-guided study that works well with groups.

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A Devotional with pondering from time spent benchside in God's presence.

Enjoy Bible verse mapping and journaling with this self starter book.  Plenty of large open areas to write out your time with the Lord.

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