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Be Generous with the Life of Christ in you.


Is it possible to live in a place where we lavish on others out of the abundance of God's work in our heart and generously pour out on others with an overwhelming flow of compassion, care, love, goodness and kindness, in the face of insult, disapproval or rejection, whether it was slight or overt? I think so.

Sunday, I got to pray with a woman feeling insecure, discouraged and disapproved of by was severely impacting her...doesn't discouragement always? We prayed, and I wanted to encourage her...

Discouragement comes in when we are poorly positioned.

Don't Look for the approval, the affirmation, or even a nice response from someone who wont or cant give it...because when we don't get it, then we feel hurt, as if stolen from, as if knocked down and they took something from us...INSTEAD. recognize that our authority, our value, our call forward, is from Christ, our wonder, faith, purpose and value is found in Him/ Ultimately, that causes us to walk in a power others cant rattle. It empowers and equips us to react opposite of what the world would expect, ie., like avoiding the person, or responding in kind.

Instead it gives us JOY and Infuses us the ability to LAVISH on them a goodness they have no ability to contain, or return. THEN, because its within our authority to expend, its not something that can be TAKEN, but instead We CHOOSE to GIVE - LIBERALLY. We are then in seat of power and authority, not them.

When we are willing to Be Generous with our mercy, our compassion, our pouring of God's goodness, forgiveness or grace, we are in a BLESSED state, a proper position of authority. Because we positioned ourself with HIM who has ALL authority.... It doesn't mean we condone, approve or agree with things done, said, or believed...Like a good judge who can see the entire argument against someone, all sides heard and clear, all evidence viewed and scrutinized...a judgement is made, mercy is extended without merit. That's something only God can empower us to move and live in...

This doesn't mean, we don't have boundaries, that we neglect to recognize or rebuke sin, that we are dismissive of bad behavior, incorrect beliefs or cant be hurt by words said or glances given...It only means we take authority over it and operate out of the fruit of the spirit, which is a holy spirit anointing and authority to speak & act. Strongly positioned in His Love which can then overflow out of us with the same pity/compassion Jesus had for others.

Instead of being under them, longing for something from them...We rise above the fray, and GIVE to them in spite of merit...I think we see that in Christ's example.

There's incredible freedom and release in it, not to mention power...they still may despise and hate us, but at that point, it doesn't rob any joy from us...because nothing is expected of those who cant give....

Live resurrection power...

Its different than anything the world is familiar with or can offer.

It's Transformative. It's Radical. It's Powerful,

          It's Brilliant, Blinding Light!

 I'm learning it fresh...and hope to walk in it more.

Read Matthew 5 through to the end with the intent to lavish on others out of the well of resurrection life!


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