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Colored Stones

PONDER POINT - Precious, rubies, emeralds, tourmalines and so many more...Do you know what makes them so gloriously colorful....????

Do you know..??

The trace elements...the mineral deposits within them...essentially, contaminants, impurities.

Those impurities (contaminants) color it so that when a jeweler selects it, cuts it, polishes it, and then sets it, we are willing to spend so much on it. Hmmmm... there's a message in there.

Your imperfections, those unique aspects of your life, color you. And unless you are lifted out of the dirt, the dark and damp caves, you'll never rise and be seen as glorious. Jesus liberates us from our wretchedly dark abodes, those caves we call home. He sculpts and shapes us. He ultimately refines and purifies us, transforming us into His own precious stones, each with Its own unique color and brilliance, for His glory. Then He displays us by setting us into His crown.

Be encouraged; we are not all the same stone, color, or size...not the same personality or passions, but in Christ, we are all HIS...

Let Him set you in His Crown...

You don't get in His crown without His chisel in your life...


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