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Questions about Grace

Just some things I've been pondering....

Is grace intelligible or elusive? Is 'Grace' some abstract nicety?

Or is it a real power that equips us to live for Christ?

Does Grace transform us or enable us?

******(This is NOT a doctrinal question - this is a personal application question - so please no arguing - I will delete yours)*****

Ponder this...

Ever hear the term 'Your Grace', 'Her Grace', ' His Grace' as someone addresses a King, Queen or another such dignitary?

It is an older English style of addressing high ranking officials. It was used to identify a powerful person and their position and authority such as kings, queens, lords, dukes, princes, regents, etc.,

In the addressing, it signified submission, respect, and honor to that power, for the sake of the crown, as well as the benefit of the individual to know their place in relation to that authority.

It was a way of respectfully honoring and acknowledging a person who had the ability to wield power. Someone with that sort of 'Grace' was someone who had the power to execute judgments, commission armies, seize lands, mandate service, issue condemnation or mercy.

A King or Queen has the power to extend a portion or an allotment of their 'power' outward, empowering others to act on behalf of royalty. It is their GRACE that grants that power to others. Doing so, in NO way diminishes or dilutes, the full power or grace of the crown. It can be given to whoever the crown desires, even those who don't deserve or merit such authority. Once given it transforms the individual- making them an ambassador, a regent or an aide.

That subject would then be wise to be a good steward of that 'grace'. If they were to use that benefit of 'grace' contrary to the king; to subvert, override or elevate oneself above the originating authority - they would be considered a wicked servant, a poor/foolish servant and would definitely have to deal with some form of consequence. To use 'grace' selfishly or inappropriately would be dishonoring, disgraceful, and disobedient to the very nature and character of the issuer. Depending on the degree to which it is misappropriated, it could even be a treacherous, rebellious act of defiance to that power.

The Good Servant of a King's grace is fully aware and recognizes direct accountability for the privilege. They are wise not to neglect the weight that comes with glory. It would be foolish to ignore the accountability that comes with the privilege of being able to exercise and live in unmerited favor. A good servant doesn't seek to elevate themselves, their desires, their plans and yet stay in the good graces while getting away with things... instead they willingly die to those things, seeking the good of the kingdom, desiring to serve faithfully, out of joy and love for their king.


When we think of the 'Grace' of God, do we recognize it as an EQUIPPING power from God, given specifically to us who don't deserve it, so that we can live the way He desires us to live? Or are we using it as a license to continue selfishly, much like today's diplomatic immunity cases, and continue in our sin as if God is sweeping it under a rug somewhere?

I'm thrilled reading through the scriptures about grace and understanding that I am empowered, emboldened and endowed with an authority given by God to live in accordance with His commands and this, I submit joyfully, and prayerfully seek to honor Him, with the desire to bless His name. Not that I don't fall short, but it is not my desire to.

*****(This is NOT a doctrinal question - this is a personal application question - so please no arguing - I will delete yours)******

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