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Water from a Rock

Updated: Apr 11

PONDER POINTS - Can you get water from a ROCK?

In the story about the children of Israel walking through the wilderness and getting so parched, dry, and thirsty, they rushed on Moses and clamored for water...Threatening His very life....ready to stone him....(Ex 17:1-7)

How many times in my life I have run to the Lord, my Rock and My Redeemer, in a panic, overcome with anxiety for various reasons, hurting, hungry, thirsty, soul & spirit.

In my clamoring, I've knocked others down, threatened, and been willing to take matters into my own hands. Finally, the Lord rebuked and corrected me, and YET even in His rebuke, even though He was angered by my actions, attitudes, and agendas, He was merciful of my fragile and desperate state.

He strikes or commands the water to flow on my behalf that I might see that INDEED - - - HE IS GOD...

I find myself sometimes, even many years in the journey with the Lord, having grown and learned so much, yet there are times when the situations around me, fluster & frustrate me. I find myself striking out at the Rock to procure the water I'm desperate for once again....

          Anyone ever been there?

Anyone ever get so crazed by life that they rush on Jesus in full panic?

Been there done that....Will probably do it again (though I'd like to say I wouldn't - I'm flesh) BUT - God is Good! - and even though that happens occasionally, even among the mature in Christ - God is faithful to present Himself Strong!

In the panic of the waves, Jesus rose up and rebuked the wind and then his disciples, but didn't give up on them...

In the frustration of striking the Rock, God still supplied the water and then dealt with Moses personally...

God is still good, even in our moments of being exacerbated. He still supplies the much-needed water—He is the Rock, our anchor, our steadfast, our sure security, and that is the source of our water, a refreshing flow.


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