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What does it profit?

Ponder Point - "Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. "

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

I love a few television shows; one is Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and the other is Judge Judy. If I combine the two, it would be The Profit. WHY? Because of the no-nonsense, cut to the chase, tell the truth, get-r-done mindset and actions. No false hopes, no fantasy and frivolity. Genuine, serious, and thorough.

My favorite is CNBC's Show, The Profit with Marcus Lemonis. I have always been amazed by this show. As an administrative person, it's exciting, and as a Christian, it's fascinating!

Think of the comparisons...

People in desperate need, unable in their own power, strength and resources to pay their debt, unable to see clearly, dig themselves out of their bad choices! A mess of a business because of bad choices, desperation and a near collapse of all they have and love. Their sense of purpose and life teetering on the brink of destruction.

Without some intervention, their business trajectory will be foreclosed, bankruptcy, or worse. It's not just failing.

People cry out for help, knowing they need it and that they cannot survive without someone to intervene. They want more than a handout because none of them want to close the doors. Instead, the hope is to have someone come help them infuse it with strength and change so that it can thrive beyond any previous expectations- a true partner, leader, and mentor.

Then, in steps Marcus. He sees value in the people, process and or product, Offers to pay off their debt, restructure their everyday choices, the flow of processes and improve their relations and products. He is offering New Hope, New Vision, New opportunities, New Strength, New Resources - He proves himself to be someone with the integrity, know how and personal ability to back up every offer with HIS OWN resources.

Willingly he puts down a huge check, in exchange he is 100% in charge. A lot of people want to take the deal - At First.. Looking at their desperate situation, though they may be hesitant to give up their control, they see the dead end and bridge out sign quickly come up on them and they know they cannot apply the brakes themselves. They know this is their only option for the salvation of all they love.

The hands shake.

Soon after, as things start to get changed, the familiar holds them back from moving forward. Marcus demands change for the purpose of bringing back life to the business. Many fight against the changes. Changes in physical space, processes and production are difficult but the changes that create the larges friction are changes in the heart and mind. Relinquishing control is very difficult. Submitting to someone else's authority equally difficult, it would almost be easier to just let him have it and walk away. Some have. Once people realize that their business was bought with a price and now they have to give control to someone else to make it work, they don't like the terms of the agreement. But they weren't the ones who had any authority to set the terms. If you take the deal, the terms are set by Marcus.

The terms were generous, for the purpose of bringing profits to Marcus with the original owners receiving a generous ability to prosper as well. But things MUST Change, all decisions now go through him. They have to give a true account of their practices. Hidden agendas, get exposed, bad attitudes are put in check, accountability is unavoidable...Its a lot more than just making a better product or moving some furniture, shaking a hand and receiving some money. Those who thought it was that easy realized that is not how it goes, and there is accountability. He will not be mocked...

For those that submit to Him, they get great satisfaction...they learn and gain understanding and are able to receive the great reward of diligence, humility and partnering with someone, tough as it is, that is greater than they are. For those that don't - its to their own shame and hurt....

When I see a show where people work through, even humbling moments, it is wonderful and I want to rejoice with those business owners, ...and when I see a business owner selfishly default against such generosity toward them - I am disappointed, upset, even angry that they couldn't see beyond themselves..beyond their selfishness, their ego and they have quickly forgotten how deplorable their lives and business were before Marcus stepped in. Those that take the deal and move forward, know that their willingness to submit is out of respect and gratitude for what someone who believed in them did, unmerited. That generosity deserves incredible loyalty. They know too that their only benefit is living and running the business as directed, because of the expertise of Marcus. They realize that they are bringing incredible increase to the Lemonis Kingdom and in addition they themselves benefit and are increased personally.

Spiritual transformation is similar to this. We need to realize, where our lives were at before we came to Christ. How precious a price he paid for us and how that is supposed to impact us daily. The reason Jesus paid the price for our soul, because he values the person, the process and the product. He did it for HIS PLEASURE, to bring HIM Glory, to bring Increase to His Kingdom. Not so that we could be debt free and run amuck back to our old ways.

In oriental cultures, it was traditional that if someone saved your life, you're life was now theirs. You surrendered to them as a servant, knowing that you would be dead if not for them.

Do we live like that though? Do we truly realize how great a price was paid for us, and for what purpose? Is it just so we don't go to hell? Is it just so we can say we are His, but live completely unaccountable in attitude, actions and agendas?

I don't know, but I don't think that would go over too well with Marcus, He's walked out of several deals, taken losses, and denied those that would not submit.

Read the second half of Matthew 7, verse 15-29, it sounds similar to me.

Don't mistake the goodness of God and the Love of God for a pass on obedience to His authority.


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