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Why are the Righteous compared to Palm Trees?

Trees of Righteousness

"The Righteous shall flourish like a Palm Tree..."

Psalm 92:12

Ahhhh! Palm trees! That makes it all better! I just love palm trees. They are beautiful to the eye. In warm climates, they shoot up from the ground out of the sand and stretch to the blue sky with their gorgeous green palms.

Indeed, palm trees are a wonder, and God compares the believer to them in scripture. But let's focus on the date palm tree, a unique variety, unlike the coconut palm we often see. It's not just beautiful; it symbolizes the believer's unique usefulness in the Kingdom of God, a resource.

Years before the Gregorian calendar was in effect, the Phonecians and most cultures followed a 360-day calendar rather than a 365-day calendar. What is interesting is that the date palm tree was so admired that the Phonecians came up with a list of 360 different uses for the tree, one for each day of their calendar year.

Consider the date palm tree, a source of sustenance and utility for the Phonecians and many cultures. It wasn't just a staple food, but its every part was used for various purposes, from building supplies to medicinal ointments. Similarly, as believers, we have the potential to be multi-faceted in our service to the Kingdom of God.

In comparison, the believer in Jesus is useful in the Kingdom of God daily. There are many things that we can put our hand to, ways in which we can be a blessing, serve, honor, and give to others, enriching their walk and lives for Christ. Consider your effectiveness. How are you making yourself available to the Body of Christ to serve the greater scope of life in His Kingdom? Do you realize that the fruit you produce is for the effectual working and benefit of others?

How can you be a blessing to the Body of Christ today?


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