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You have Greater Purpose!

PONDER POINT - And the Lord turned to him [Gideon] and said, "Go in this might of yours and save Israel from the hand of Midian; do not I send you?" Judges 6:14

Poor, Poor Gideon...A scary thing to be called by God to go and face an enemy you've been hiding from. As Christians we hear these stories of courage and strength, we hear too that they start with men and women like Moses, Elijah, Hannah, Sarah - people who had so much to combat, so many things pushing against them. We cheer at the end of the story and get all excited that they were triumphant, victorious, and celebrate their fortitude and empowerment from God.

We long to be like them, we desire to have lives that declare and display the glory of God in manners of equal stature...BUT WAIT....

That means we will have to endure, persevere, stand alone, trust God against all visible and audible voices and odds. We want the victorious outcome to be swift, painless and gilded with accolades of our friends, families and fellow believers. Yet many cower terrified, in disbelief that God would call us to act in a manner that would be outrageously bold, courageous and strong. In today's world, hearts grow cold, love waxes hard and selfish preservation reigns supreme. Fearing the face of man, and being pleasers of man rather than pleasers of God.

Gideon did not see himself as God saw him. He saw that he was the lowliest of his family, and that impacted his identity. God wanted to secure him with a new identity. One supplied by God's Spirit. Instead of Hiding, He wanted Gideon on the front lines of the current cultural turmoil and battles. Infused with God's authority and strength to be an agent of Change for the country. But If Gideon continued to refuse and reject the calling of God to get out of the hole in the ground, to step up and step forward, there would have been someone else God would look for to rise up and raise the banner. We too need to know when God is calling us out of our hole in the ground, the place we have hid, so as not to get involved, speak up, speak out, step up, or step out in faith and boldness of God's Holiness.

Why do we think that we would receive from the Lord the same empowerment if we constantly shrink back behind the line? Why do we look at Movies with heroes and heroines with such admiration, and yet fail to rise to the occasion when we have the opportunity or should I say hear the call of God to Rise up and step forward.

Choosing the easy road, the path of least resistance, gains no rewards, and creates heroes. Just a generation of sheep led to slaughter.

The Lord counsels us to acquire gold refined in the recognize that it is through those fiery, painful, stressful, challenging, and even dubious struggles that He will reward us with a victors crown if we will not shrink back.

Remember it was only Peter that walked on the water...WHY? There were several other disciples in the boat, but they did not press forward, they shrunk back into the safety of what they knew. Gideon climbed out of the whole he was hiding in and stepped into territories unknown and vanquished his enemies in the strength and wisdom of God.

Those days are not over, unless we shrink back...Rise up men and women of God, Know that if God is for you, you are victorious. Now walk it out in the day to day! Every action, attitude and agenda submitted to HIM! Go forward, not for yourself, but as a commissioned child of God, and answer to His authority in your life.

Onward! Upward! Outward! GO...Live a life of integrity, authentic faith, fearless, and courageous in the face of all odds, pure and holy in HIS empowerment! Be a Gideon! God dares you!


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